untitled (in absentia)
Barim, Gwangju, South Korea

Artists: Ross Coulter, Unknown Artist

My practice is deeply interested in the way in which arts projects can create dialogues between people and environments. This project was undertaken in Gwangju, South Korea in a newly opening artist run space, Barim. For this project, I took with me Ross Coulter's 'Audience' photos of the gallery team at SEVENTH Gallery. The beginning aims of the project were for Coulter's 'Audience' images to be placed upon the walls, staring in towards an artwork by a local artist. The resulting work in the centre of the room actually ended up being by an unknown artist, the formations of stones and wood found on the roof of the building, quite deliberately placed. In this way, Coulter's audience of people looking at art that wasn't there, were looking at art by an artist who wasn't there; it became an exhibition deliberately working with the ambivalence of the missing links.